Twitter Updates for 2008-04-04

  • @ guykawasaki – I put a snippet on my blog – will give you some free advertising -Check out the Alltop.com ad on the right of my blog #
  • Twitter Tools posts a summary of your twits on your blog – but it puts them in backward chronological order – can anyone fix!!! help please. #
  • Office Cleaning day – trying to get down from 10 piles to 2 piles is my goal – uugghhh #
  • about.com – applied as a guide for ‘family business’ expert. Would be fun and great exposure – hope I get it #
  • This is my 50th update on Twitter – Am I still a ‘Greenhorn’? #
  • Professional Associations – there are all kinds out there. Who belongs to one or more – and what kind of value do you receive by doing so? #
  • OK – been on my own (freelance consulting) for a while now – but I have a pretty good full time job offer – whacha think? #

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