Systems Management Approach to Business Planning

Business Planning with Systems Management

Systems Management Approach
– break the business down into a number of systems and subsystems.
– Then define roles to manage each system.
– Can grow more efficiently by dividing into systems

Main Systems Common to any business
– Operations Management
– Financial Management
– Marketing Management
– Human Resources Management
– Maintenance Management

Within your business you then break down the main systems into sub-systems.  And can breakdown the subsystems even further.

Additionally – when planning your business – there are two other essential areas that must be covered

–    Business Planning System
o    Day to Day operations
o    Short and Mid Term planning
o    Long range development of the business

–    Business Essentials
o    Key People
o    Key Information
o    Data Handling
o    Disaster Recovery Plan

The actual subsystems will be unique to your business, although many will be similar in many businesses.

Operations Management
– Retail Management
– Creations Management
– Manufacturing Management
– Supply Management
– Inventory Management
– Other Niche Areas

Financial Management
– Bookkeeping
– Financing (long term and short term loans and lines of credit)
– Tax Management

Marketing Management
– Pricing
– Advertising
– Promotional
– Other Marketing Strategies

Human Resources Management
– Hiring / Firing
– Supervision
– Training
– Wages and Benefits

Maintenance / Facility Management
– Building Maintenance
– Equipment Maintenance
– Online Maintenance

With many of these Systems we can now assign management roles.

But we also may want to break down some even further.

For example within the Operations Management we may wish to further define subsystems

Operations Management
Manufacturing Management
– Process Management
– Quality Management
Retail Management
– Store Layout
– Sales Process

More to come . . .

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