Valuable Marketing Concept

So I was doing some thinking last night.marketing-concept

Marketing trends . . .

What has been working to get the message out?
What is important for a business?

Companies want to build trust and credibility.
Companies want to capture prospects at the right time – during the buying process.

Companies want to be seen as providing a solution – not simply ‘selling’ stuff.

What other trends . . .

More and more consumers – both B2C and B2B are researching online before purchasing. They are using search engines to find good information.

As well – consumers are looking for advice from other people. At the same time, they are also influenced by what others are talking about – often through social media.

What has become an important part of a companies marketing plan?

A website – a solid online presence is vital these days.
But consumers want more – they want to see information from other than just the organizations own website.

So – from a marketing perspective – if a business could get there message out to their prospects – when they are looking for information (searching online). And this information could be from a third party. And even better – if this information could be backed up by people talking about it – by seeing a discussion online in social media – would that not influence the buyer. Move them further down the sales funnel.

I think a marketing concept like that would be very valuable.

Let’s call this Social E-Marketing!

what are your thoughts?

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