Web 2.0

What really is Web 2.0?

Well, web 1 was one directional.  That is webmasters made websites and put them on the web and people went to the sites and read them.  So the information was pushed one way from the webmaster to the internet surfer.

Web 2.0 is all about 2 directional communication. Information goes from the webmaster out to the surfer, and then the surfer and the person surfing then communicates back.  It almost really should now be web 3 – since there is communication not only back to the webmaster, but also to others on the web.  But they are lumping that all into web 2.0.  In essence it is multi-directional communication, where people can get information from webmasters, and send info back and to other people.

Blogs are a perfect example of web 2.0 where people can comment on what people say on the blog, therefore the communication is tw0-way.  Another factor of web 2.0 is open and easy communication, and blogs also provide that.  They are one of the simplest way a person can build their own website.  With blog sites like blogger, bloglanding, etc you can set up your own free blog any time any place.

A further example of web 2.0 is social networking sites.  Friendster and classmates were early examples of this type of site.  Then MySpace took the world by a storm with explosive growth, easy features, and viral strategies that made anyone and everyone get in on the web 2.0 revolution.  Now more sites are popping up serving various markets – business sites like bizpreneur.com, bigdaddyfriends and geographically targeted business networking sites like Western Canada Business Network.

On these sites you can set up a profile, start a blog, post pictures, send messages and bulletins, share videos, have events like teleseminars and on and on.

The business aspect of web 2.0 is that people can now communicate with their clients in many ways, and receive feedback from clients that will help them market their products better.  Also it helps to market their websites and build link popularity.

The speed and ease that companies can now get their message to market is immense.

Go out, explore, and have fun doing it.


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