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Taking a rain break from harvest today. Nice to have a break, but to be honest, would rather be getting harvest done as it is getting late in the year.

Checking out what is happening in relation to marketing, a few noteworthy things came up.

BDC – Business Development Canada – not sure if enough business owners and entrepreneurs know about BDC.  They need to do more / better marketing.  But they do come up with some innovative ideas and some great content.  Remember content can be in many forms and BDC created a website tool that then shares the results in social media.  A great tool for anyone with a website – and a way to spread the word about the BDC consulting services. Check out the BDC website assessment today.

Tiny Torch – this is a new service by an up and coming entrepreneur.  Check out this content creation service today.

Tim Hammond – master Agriculture Land Real Estate Guru and damn good marketer in his own right was on a webinar today.  The replay will be out soon so check it out >> http://point2agentblog.com/2013/09/19/low-or-no-cost-marketing/ and check out Tim’s Real Estate site as well >> http://www.timhammond.ca/

More to come . . .

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