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WPMU DEV – The WordPress Experts.

Having to do more and more with WordPress with clients, increasingly using more complex plugins and incorporating multi-site into our WordPress development here at ZedBiz, I found myself searching online for a variety of solutions.  The site that seem to come up time and time again with expert advice was WPMU.org.

As I delved deeper into what this site had to offer I saw that they had a number of free tools, but they also had a premium membership that offered over 300 excellent plugins and themes.  As well this premium WordPress membership also had excellent support area where questions could be asked.  And it had a member forum to share ideas.  The price was reasonable so I had to sign up for WPMU DEV – The WordPress Experts.

Since then they have saved me countless hours.  The plugins I have used have worked flawlessly.  I am immensely happy with the level of service.  Overall this was a bargain.

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