Creating and implementing Marketing Tactics

A marketing strategy guides the marketing tactics.

Marketing Tactics are the steps you take from a marketing idea through planning, design and implementation and finally to results.

Your Marketing Strategy Objectives and goals are critical to implementing a successful marketing tactic.

You need to determine results you can measure.

You can start creating a marketing tactic using any of the wide variety of marketing elements out there, from your website to social media or events or advertising.

You can build simple marketing tactic that only involve a simarketing-strategyngle customer interaction. Or you can create complex marketing tactics with many customer interactions.

The steps needed in a market tactic are the following

  1. Define Objective.
  2. Initial research and brainstorming.
  3. Set SMART goals.
  4. Pick your marketing element(s), and item(s) to use.
  5. Determine resources needed and perform any additional research.
  6. Testing.
  7. Full implementation of the marketing tactic.
  8. Monitor and track everything in motion.
  9. Analyse results – compare against goals and overall objectives.
  10. Make adjustments and move forward – to repeat tactic or to find a new one.

Good marketing tactics are eternal, there is no real end. They simply evolve. You grow, learn and adapt. Keep doing them until you have something better – until the ROI diminishes. Keep testing and tracking – and making adjustments as you move forward.

A business usually needs separate marketing tactics for key areas such as creating awareness and bringing in new customers, closing sales to existing prospects, or to getting existing clients to buy more.

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