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What is an E-Marketing Strategy?

E-Marketing – wikipedia defines it as ‘digital marketing or online marketing – where your market or promote your product or service over the internet.’ Creating your E-Marketing strategy begins – like any other marketing strategy – with your target market and your USP. From there you have to determine your customers buying behaviour related to the internet. How do they interact online? What actions are they taking – related to the internet – that leads them to purchasing your product or service. The review of the online buying behaviour should allow you to determine which online tools will be most impactful to your target market.  This is where you determine if you are going to use banner ads, paid search, social media, search engine optimization, email along with your website to draw your customers in and move them along the buying chain. From there you move to the tactical level of E-Marketing strategy.

Your Marketing Strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy? What is a marketing strategy? Your marketing strategy is the core of your marketing plan. It includes your target market.  Add to that your core product – which directly matches your target market needs and is customized to fulfill their wants. Now the next step is crucial. Do you have a plan to effectively gather customers AND then systematically move them through a sales process where you continue to sell them MORE. Now I was intentionally vague by saying only MORE.  The MORE can be another product, it can be a regular on-going service, it can be an up-sell, a down-sell or a cross-sell. Again look at the crucial step above – too many organizations only focus their marketing on the first stage – trying to find that magic formula to effectively gather customers.  That is only 20% of the reason for success for a business.  Like the Pareto …

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