The Delaverian Code

John Delavera has come up with the most unique way for people to learn the intracies of Internet Marketing.

An online adventure where you must solve the Delaverian Code!

Through 21 modules you learn, solve riddles, complete puzzles, obtain keys, and discover what Internet Marketing is really all about.

It is an addicting set up.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is by invitation only – either through various products you can purchase, or through other means John comes up with.

Once you start, you will want to continue until completion.

more to come . . .


John has done it again!!!

He is offering an ‘out of the blue’ FireSale!!

And the line up is amazing!

15 products

Chance to be an affiliate!

7 Super Bonuses!!

This is great – for turbomembers or non-turbomembers.

Hey – it is probably best for those of you who are not turbomembers yet. As one of the bonuses that John gives is a 30 day access to Turbo Membership!!!

I simply cannot say enough about this ‘out of the BLUE’ FireSale.

Here is what you get:

You get 15 of his products for 1 low (crazy) price.

1. Turbo Transactions Manager
2. Turbo WP Themerator
3. Turbo Quiz Generator
4. Special Offer Manager
5. Dynamic Pricing Generator
6. Buy Me A Drink
7. Buy Me A Product
8. The Best Of David Vallieres’ collection
9. TurboZiner
10. Turbo Prototype Creator
11. Turbo Test Generator
12. Turbo Secretary
13. Viral Marketing Tutorial
15. My Early Days On The Net With master resale rights
15. All Rights Explained!

You also get 7 Super Bonuses…

Super Bonus #1:
12-Month Access To a $18,000+ Collection Of Video Tutorials

Super Bonus #2:
12-Month Access To (super tool!)

Super Bonus #3: Web Traffic Explained – Volume I
Super Bonus #3: Web Traffic Explained – Volume II
Super Bonus #5: Turbo Bonus Manager
Super Bonus #6: 30-day access to The Delaverian Code!
Super Bonus #7: 30-day access to Turbo Membership –
OR 2,400 points in the Vault if you are already a member.

I am telling you… this is HOT!
The total cost of all the products AND Bonuses is
$1,501.00 and you SAVE $1,304.00


Because John becomes crazy with his firesales once per
year… he explains the reasons too on that page…

‘out of the BLUE’ FireSale – now!

enjoy it,

Points Points Points!!

I love points.

Even if they don’t mean anything, it still feels good to get them.

At TurboCommunity John gives us ‘Mana Points’ for posting in the forum. Yes the top person with mana points gets a great prize (their Turbo membership paid that month), but the rest of us don’t get anything.

But it still feels good to have the points.

And it also feels good to give away on occasion.

I just found another forum that has points. And these ones allow you to advertise (e.g. – get you message to your market – Awesome)

Conquer Your Niche

Check it out now and let me know what you think.