About Jack Zenert

‘Can one be young at heart while still being wise beyond their years?’

Live each day to your full ability.

Make whatever you do a work of passion.

Do not shy away from the hard path – as the road that is full of difficulties makes us stronger.

Enjoy good discussion and debate.

Look for new ideas and new strategies to ensure success.

Try each day to make it better for someone you touch!

Word to live by . . . ..

Marketing Specialist Jack ZenertHi There

I’m Jack Zenert – Your Local Marketing Expert

Imagine your business thriving, reaching new heights, and attracting more customers than ever before. That’s the magic of Marketing, and what we do here at ZedBiz – Local Marketing Services.

With years of experience and wisdom, I can be your trusted guide to success in the digital marketing world. I’m a small-town hero from the Canadian prairies, now making waves in Canmore, Alberta, and beyond.

I consider myself a pro at digital marketing, and to me it is all about helping small to medium-sized businesses in the western provinces of Canada. I’m  known as “Marketing Jack,” and for a good reason.

I have been creating stunning websites with WordPress, making your online presence truly shine. And I know that in this modern age, a strong online presence is like gold for your business.

But that’s not all! We have more coming – the ZedNow Marketing Automation System. It’s a special tool to supercharge your business with marketing automation and Artificial Intelligence. It’s like having a dedicated marketing team at your service 24/7.

I believe I can be your coach and teacher. I will help you understand the world of digital marketing in a way even a fifth-grader can grasp.

So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and beyond, Contact ME.

I hope you enjoy the various information on my marketing blog, rambling and other thoughts that I type into the keyboard.

I would say the focus of this is marketing, but you will find me rambling off on a tangent here and there – it might be the economy,  small business,  thoughts on success, or just about anything.

I would invite you to post your comments, I value your input.

You can check out my personal website at jackzenert.ca.

If you would like to contact me directly use the form at the ZedBiz website.

Other ways to interact with me on the World Wide Web:

I am available for Speaking or Consulting on all things digital and Strategic Marketing

Strategies to use Marketing Automation, AI, Text & Email going forward is changing rapidly.

I can work with your business on business development or a customized marketing plan.

Let’s Make it EASY!

Have an Amazing Day!


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    I hope I helped back,

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