December 2020

Time…Changes… and gets better

I have always felt that the time between Christmas and New Years was special. It seemed like free days… Days you could do things….think about things… learn new things… plan new things.. And they didn’t count…. Yes, maybe some work still needed to be done. Some years  you are away on holidays, at relatives, or just plain busy. But so often.. there are two, three or four days between Christmas and New Years that you get to simply be FREE. Sometimes I spend that time out on the Ski hill. Other times I remember from my childhood, lots of shinny games on the open […]

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More Writing needs to be done

It seems I spend a lot of time at the keyboard….. Maybe not all of it is actually considered writing. Lots of forms, lots of lists, lots of emails, lots of various posts and more. Putting your thoughts together into a cohesive format, whether an article, a blog post, a report, or whatever format suits you. That takes more time, more work, more thought. I do enjoy it, but finding the time to do it effectively, that is the challenge for me. Bullet points is my favorite way to write actually. I make a tremendous amount of notes (I use Evernote – LOVE IT).

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