January 2011

WordPress Video that really help.

I use WordPress extensively (this site is a WordPress blog). WordPress is more than a blogging tool – full websites, even complex content management sites can be operated using WordPress. WordPress is super quick to install, easy to set up links and pages, and offers a variety of themes that are designed well or can be customized for your own personal benefit. I have taught workshops on setting up websites using WordPress and I also set up many client sites as well. When I need help there is one person that is top-of-mind; that is Lynette Chandler. She has put up a number of excellent videos on using WordPress – one of them is this below which goes step by step on setting up a WordPress site. Enjoy!

Time for Connecting

I am actively engaging and learning within the social media community.  The speed of change, as well as the overall activity makes this an interesting challenge. Just last weekend I was working on a test project using Facebook Fan pages and Facebook Games.  More to come on this in a future post. As I am networking online I come across many very interesting and amazing people – therefore I would like to briefly highlight a few of these friends. The first is Lee and her website SimpLeeSerene.com.  Lee recently had a blog post that I felt was something that everyone should read.  She discussed the issue of etiquette on Facebook in particular and social sites in general.  Lee brought up many good points and rather than just reiterating her post – I would suggest you go read it now – click to read. Lee was also one of the key people behind a new real …

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