February 2013

Would you build your own house?

Marketing is probably one of the most talked about concepts, yet least understood activities in the world. My two boys are forever trying to prove how smart they are about marketing by telling me what companies should and should not do. The majority of business owners feel that they understand how marketing works – but at the same time do not know why the customers are not responding to their tactics. Marketing could be compared to building a house. I believe there are a great many people that could, and do use a hammer – use it quite well. Many of those people could […]

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Stop! Before you hire a Social Media Guru – Read this.

Social media is the latest fad in marketing.  Every business owner and manager I know is asking about social media. Unfortunately, they are asking the wrong questions. I am hearing questions such as; should I be on Facebook? Or should I use Twitter and LinkedIn? Or the more generic – should I hire a social media person? What they should be asking are questions like; what are the communications objectives? Will social media help me to meet those objectives? How will social media enable me to increase not only sales, but overall profitability of my business? Here are four main questions you should examine

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Communication – the Double Edged Sword

Communication is a key element of good marketing. If you are communicating effectively – you can cut right to the heart of the issue and give your target market exactly what they need. If your communication is poorly implemented – it can cut the other way – losing your business, turning clients away, cutting away at your reputation and brand. Here is my story . . . Things tend to come in three’s so now that I have had my third communication issue – I guess it is time to write about it. I confess – usually the one that gets in trouble with

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