November 2017

Connecting with your People

One of the best ways to ensure long term success and sustainability for your business is to connect with the people who you are doing business with. Your customers are your people, your tribe, your family even at times… You need to build and nourish these relationships. The problem is, how do you do this. You cannot be everyone’s best friend. This is a business remember. I am not saying in any way that if become good friends with some of your clients that it is a bad thing… that is awesome, good friends are hard to come by. But in business, you are […]

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Marketing comes down to Communication

That is it in a nutshell – communicate to a potential buyer what your product or service can do for them. Lately I have been re-watching some episodes of Mad Men. It is a netflix series about an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York. The show starts in the late 50’s, some might say the start of the Advertising age. It goes through the 60’s and into the 70’s. You see the rise of TV advertising as well as the start of the data analysis that they are beginning to do. An interesting episode was when the agency got its first computer

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