Business Basics

Boost your Biz with Marketing Automation

I want to share some nuggets of wisdom about the game-changer for your biz known as marketing automation. Picture this: back in my farming days when I was young, we did a ton of things manually. Hauling feed and water to the chickens and pigs, paling out chopped barley to the yearling calves, hauling bales with a flat deck trailer behind the old John Deere 70. It was all hard work! It took a lot of time! But, just like farming became easier with modern machinery, I still remember the day we got the New Holland 1034 Bale Wagon. All things change… modernize… and […]

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Real World Marketing Strategies

Alright, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into some real world marketing strategies for local businesses. Let’s keep it simple and practical, because that’s the name of the game. Let’s Make it EASY! First things first, let’s focus on what really matters – getting customers through the door. That means we need to think about where our target audience is and how we can reach them. Maybe it’s through local events or community groups, or maybe it’s through targeted online ads or social platforms. Either way, let’s make sure we’re putting our marketing efforts where they count. Next, let’s talk about making things

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Buyers Sales Process

Let’s dive deeper into the fascinating world of how people decide to buy stuff—it’s like a strategic game, and I’m here to spill the beans in a simple and pro way. First up, we have the Awareness stage. This is when people realize they have a need, and your business might just have the solution. It’s like a light bulb turning on in their heads, that “aha” moment when they go, “Hey, I want that!” The psychology here is all about recognizing a gap and seeking something to fill it. Moving on to the Interest phase. Picture this as an exploration. Folks start looking

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Canada United Small Business Grant

Here is something you may want to apply for. Canada United is looking to help out Small Businesses during Covid-19. They are offering GRANTS of $5000 to eligible small businesses that need help. You can be anywhere in Canada, Incorporated or Sole Proprietor, and have minimum annual sales of between $150,000 up to $3 Million. Not for Profits can also apply. This by no means will solve all your business troubles, but every little bit helps. The money is to be ear-marked for re-opening or for TRANSITION to Online – that is adopt new Digital Technologies to help with sales. $5000 can definitely help

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Power of Local Listings Online

Getting to the top of Google can be hard for any business. Picking the right keywords is critical, then writing great content to optimize for those keywords. A better solution is get in the Google Three Pack. For local businesses that serve a particular area, you can be feature in the 3-pac and get listed at the top of Google Search for your area. Having a Google My Business listing is the first step, it definitely is the main online local listing you NEED to have. You also should have your other local listings filled in with the correct information and optimized. This includes

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