Canada United Small Business Grant

Here is something you may want to apply for.

Canada United is looking to help out Small Businesses during Covid-19.

They are offering GRANTS of $5000 to eligible small businesses that need help.

You can be anywhere in Canada, Incorporated or Sole Proprietor, and have minimum annual sales of between $150,000 up to $3 Million.

Not for Profits can also apply.

This by no means will solve all your business troubles, but every little bit helps.

The money is to be ear-marked for re-opening or for TRANSITION to Online – that is adopt new Digital Technologies to help with sales.

$5000 can definitely help with some local marketing online to bring in those new customers, or it can help to improve your website, increase the clicks from Google, or to set up a new e-commerce solution for your business.

Check it out today > https://occ.ca/canada-united-small-business-relief-fund/

And we can help you with the most cost-effective way to transition to new Digital Technologies, ways that will really make an impact in  your business!

Contact us for a discussion > https://www.zedbiz.com/contact-zedbiz/

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