January 2024

Email Marketing by Harnessing AI, Marketing Automation, and AI Chatbots

Email Marketing is essential, and even more important today than it ever was. It STILL Works! Artificial Intelligence, marketing automation, and chatbots are the tools that will set up apart and increase your success with email marketing. Here are some tips to get your email campaigns to not only reach your audience but also resonate and convert. Why Combine AI, Marketing Automation, and Chatbots? AI: Analyzes customer data to personalize content, as well as make writing more efficient and consistent. Marketing Automation: Automates repetitive tasks, ensuring timely and efficient communication. Provides instantaneous response time in this busy world. Chatbots: Engage with customers in real-time, […]

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Revitalize your 2024 Marketing Plan for Success

We are well into 2024, and now it is time to review your marketing plan. Your marketing plan is what will make the difference in the coming year, so now is the time to give it a vibrant makeover. First off, is your marketing plan in sync with today’s digital world? Are you taking advantage of all the tech that is available today? Things like automated posting, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, SMS text marketing, customized CRM’s and more. Before all that, remember the golden rule: know your audience like the back of your hand. Who are they? What do they need? And, most importantly,

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Welcome to 2024

Here is is, the start of a brand new year! Often a great time to do goal planning for the year, set some new goals, get excited. I am going to suggest something very simple. Let’s review what is working for your business. What are thing things that you know worked, that you enjoyed doing, and brought in new leads, and new sales. Identify that.. and do more of it. If you find something that works, and you like it, that is the key to success! The things that come easy are the things that you will continue to do. Don’t swim upstream if

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