July 2007

Do you have a business

I believe the them in the online marketing world of 2007 will be ‘run a business’. It seems everyone is talking about how to run your online efforts more like a business than a hobby. But really – is that relevant – and is it the correct focus for you? I think it comes down to your vision. Now many people talk about vision statements and mission statements, goals, dreams etc. But really getting a hold of what these esoteric concepts are is the tough part. Let’s stick with Vision and Vison Statement. I think a business does need a Vision Statement. The problem […]

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What are the ‘Business Basics’

If you are doing your own marketing – then you know you need a website!  I have said that before many times.  These days the website can be your cornerstone to your whole marketing campaign.  It can even be more than that, but I will not get into that now. I at one time would then go on to talk about the tools you need to create that website, to make it look good, to keep it current.  I would suggest Nvu, and highly recommend DreamWeaver. But not -  times they are a changing! Not that builidng a website using those tools are bad

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Where does success come from?

That is a good question. The difference between doing ‘ok’ and true success is very small. Is it know things – knowledge? Or is it doing things – ACTION. I think it is Action – and I am first to admit that I have not done the right action! Just look at when my last blog post was – June 7!!!! What kind of action is that – almost a month since the last post! I could make excuses that I was doing all kinds of other thing – and yes I was busy – but not doing the ACTION I needed! So my

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