February 2005

Email Marketing is Personal

Direct Email Marketing is a great tool. Who today has not gone to the mail only to find flyers, brochures, and notepads or gone onto their computer to find numerous emails from companies wanting their business? Well these companies are onto one of the best ways to advertise, direct mail marketing. Two of the best reasons to use direct mail are the ability to pinpoint your target market and the ability to present a complete sales presentation, of any length, to your target market. In order to have effective email marketing here are a few tips that may be beneficial to you: Remember that […]

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Keep up your Website Maintenance

Make Your Website More Effective with regular website maintenance. As the web increases in popularity as a way to reach customers so does the quality of your competitors’ sites. On the other hand, many web pages are built and then forgotten about. Consider the following: has your company moved, have you added new products or services, or changed your company’s look? If you answered yes to any of these it is time to consider website maintenance. What is website maintenance? Simply, website maintenance is ensuring that your website is up-to-date, that it properly reflects your company, and is in working condition. What should I

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