Keep up your Website Maintenance

Make Your Website More Effective with regular website maintenance.

As the web increases in popularity as a way to reach customers so does the quality of your competitors’ sites. On the other hand, many web pages are built and then forgotten about. Consider the following: has your company moved, have you added new products or services, or changed your company’s look? If you answered yes to any of these it is time to consider website maintenance.

What is website maintenance?
Simply, website maintenance is ensuring that your website is up-to-date, that it properly reflects your company, and is in working condition.

What should I consider when looking into website maintenance?

  • Re-design – does your site reflect the look of your company? Every time the look of your company changes (anything from colors to logo) so should your website.
  • Link Checking – do all the links on your website work? Quite often webpages link to different sites. When these sites change your links may no longer work. Also, some of the links within your site may no longer be correct.
  • Content Updating – is all the information on your site correct and current? This may be the most important part of web maintenance. Customers may visit your site to find your address or current specials, for example. If this information is wrong the customer might stop visiting your site. Also, new customers may be looking for a current promotion when they are comparison shopping.
  • Adding New Technology – is your website making the most of what is available? Not every site needs to be fancy but sometimes utilizing new technology can better the impression that your site is giving. Maybe you want to get into e-commerce or provide a way for your customers to complete a survey. The web is constantly changing – don’t let your site fall behind

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