Time for Connecting

I am actively engaging and learning within the social media community.  The speed of change, as well as the overall activity makes this an interesting challenge.

Just last weekend I was working on a test project using Facebook Fan pages and Facebook Games.  More to come on this in a future post.

As I am networking online I come across many very interesting and amazing people – therefore I would like to briefly highlight a few of these friends.

The first is Lee and her website SimpLeeSerene.com.  Lee recently had a blog post that I felt was something that everyone should read.  She discussed the issue of etiquette on Facebook in particular and social sites in general.  Lee brought up many good points and rather than just reiterating her post – I would suggest you go read it now – click to read.

Lee was also one of the key people behind a new real life business networking experience called In Real Life YYC.  This was a fun meeting of people who had met online and now wanted to meet face to face – you can see the amazing video below:

This video was created by BizBoxTV which leads me to my next two individuals.  Lisa Ostrikoff and Tish Bell seem to be all over the digital airwaves making friends and doing a wonderful job of promoting their business that creates online video for business.  They are taking the creation of video to a professional level – something we will see much more in the future. BixBoxTV is breaking new ground in how organizations use video to share information and promote their business.  I have met Tish in person on a number of occasions and she is a super friendly and very professional lady.  Lisa’s experience in the broadcast industry and her online portfolio speak for themselves in demonstrating her professionalism.

Natalie Brown - Random ThoughtsLast but certainly not least I would like to mention Natalie Brown.  Nat has become an online friend that I admire.   Nat is an up and coming Canadian music star. She is building her business in the ultra-competitive music industry and doing it using the latest in online tools.  Like many using social media and other online tools, it is not always easy with new strategies and techniques to learn and master.  Check out her Facebook Fan page at http://www.facebook.com/nataliebrownmusic.

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