What are the ‘Business Basics’

If you are doing your own marketing – then you know you need a website!  I have said that before many times.  These days the website can be your cornerstone to your whole marketing campaign.  It can even be more than that, but I will not get into that now.

I at one time would then go on to talk about the tools you need to create that website, to make it look good, to keep it current.  I would suggest Nvu, and highly recommend DreamWeaver.

But not -  times they are a changing!

Not that builidng a website using those tools are bad – in fact I think they are necessary for some strategies!

But for your business website – you now have another alternative to get a professional website – a website that looks great, is easy to update, and has a number of other great features!

WordPress!  Now you might think – wow – that is just for a blog.  I am not interested in blogging.

Well WordPress can do a lot more now.

You can of course choose your theme from thousands available.  And it is always nice to personalize it, and you may need some html knowledge, and some graphic design talent to do that.

But once you have it looking good, now you can make it into a true website.

WordPress allows you to ‘Write Pages’.  This way you can create static pages, and place them where ever you want.

You can add links, categories, all the usual stuff.  This makes for a very dynamic website.

So how do you get this done, step by step instruction to building your website using WordPress!

I have seen bits and pieces of good information, but nothing complete – no real step by step manual to put it all together.

So my next project – put one together, to allow you to build your site with ease.


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