Work Smarter for Sales Success

Is success in sales a matter of inputting activity and outputting dollars? Many sales managers will tell you that is the case.  Put in the work – and the output will be a successful career. While I do not have anything against hard work, and I have done my fair share of it – I like to now try and work smarter rather than harder.  I enjoy my time for many other pursuits – therefore I believe to make the best use of ‘Sales Activities’ one should use their mind.  The chief argument for this is that if your strategy for success is based on outworking your competition – well you have a limited framework to succeed in.  You are limited by your time available.  You can only do so many calls, so many sales related activities. If on the other hand you want to use your mind – there is limitless possibilities! A couple …

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A company’s brand is much more than just a name, or fancy logo or graphics. A brand represents what a company stands for – it’s market positioning.  It signifies what consumers percieve of that company as well as deeper feelings, emotions and beliefs about that company. Brands do have value – Brand Equity – which is a measure of how much more the consumer would be willing to pay vs. the competition or an un-branded version.  A very hard figure to calculate, so we often talk in relative terms. I recently found an article that indirectly demonstrated the power of brands – in regards to celebrities.  Top Earnings of Dead Celebrities –  by Forbes – discusses how much certain celebrities that have passed away are still making. By continueing earning after your dead, your brand must contain value.  Another interesting point is how some celebrities have extended their brand to other items.  Elvis to an …

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