WordPress Plugins

There are a number of essential plugins if you are running a WordPress site. Askimet is the span tool that comes with WordPress.  There are others available, but I have found that Askimet works just find in most cases. The next tool you should have is an SEO plugin.  All In One SEO was almost an industry standard, but recently more and more people are going over to WordPress SEO by Yoast.  I find it easier to use and also the way it analyzes your posts in order to optimize them for the focus keyword is brilliant and very helpful, especially with my clients. […]

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Building a Business Website – should you use WordPress?

I have built many a website in a variety of ways – from hand coding html, wysiwyg (What you See is what you Get), DreamWeaver (still my favorite), Joomla and many WordPress blogs and websites. WordPress websites?  What do you mean?  IS not WordPress a blogging software / platform? Well yes, WordPress was originally set up to create blogs – and does a remarkable job.  It is easy to set up and maintain, easy to update, add new posts, have comments, etc.  It has a multitude of themes and plugins so you can modify and customize it any way you feel like it. So

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