Bitmoji Chrome Extension

Quick post here about the Bitmoji Chrome Extension.

First of all, if you don’t know, Bitmoji is an app that allows you to create a cartoon of YOU.

Bitmoji Image

Yes, just like the above.

You get to edit it in detail, the eyes, ears, hair, eyebrows, skin tones, wrinkles, clothes, etc.

It’s kind Kool to play with and to use to have some fun with online.

When you are working all day online, a little fun helps!!!

So, the Chrome extension, it can easily be added to Chrome and resided up in the top right menu area.

You then can simply click on it anytime, and search a topic, and then copy and paste the Bitmoji sticker into whatever you are doing.

That could be any social media post, comment or chat.

It could be a Word document, a PPT presentation, or even.. just like this.. a WordPress post.

It makes it so quick and easy to use your customized Bitmoji stickers anywhere you want.

Fun Fun!!

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