Options for a New Email account for your Business

This is geared more to a new business owner, but it also can give an established entrepreneur some options for handling email accounts.

When starting a business it is common to create an email specific for your business. I recommend this for any new business owner.

But this now leads to how to handle that new email account. Most of us if not all have our own personal email account set up on our phone.

Just about all email apps, including Gmail, Outlook and the Samsung email app allow setting up multiple accounts.

The only issue here is that you need to determine which email account is primary. That one will be the one that is used to send out a new email that you compose. To use the non-primary email account, you need to select that when starting your new email.

Unfortunately that can be a hassle, and often some of us (like myself) often forget to choose which account to use to send out the email.

Another option is to simply forward your business email to your personal email, thus not even having to set up the new email on your phone. I don’t recommend this as it lacks business professionalism to send out emails from a personal account.

One other option is to actually use two different email apps. Use one for business and one for personal. It does mean you have to check two different email apps, but it may be the best long term option for you and your business.

Know the various options and decide for yourself what works best for you.

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