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I talk to so many people struggling with getting new clients, selling more product, increasing sales.

One thing that I see time and again is not having the key marketing information easily accessible to potential clients.

Too often a business owner will not look at their own marketing items critically enough, through the lens of the customer.

So here is a few areas you should check in your own business.

Contact information – What is the best way for people to get in touch. Email? Phone? Contact Form online? Whichever way is best, make sure it can be accessed directly. A clear link to your contact information is vital.

I even recommend putting your contact information on every webpage, and anywhere else a potential client may be looking at. This also includes all your social media properties and all your other marketing items (flyers, poster, brochures, advertisements, etc.)marketing001

Product information – What are you actually selling? Does your prospect know and understand what they are buying. Is that information clearly available to them? Is it easy to access? I have found many business people do not review this information enough to refine the message so that it is easy to understand. Customers need to know exactly what they are getting.

Sales Process – Can your customers easily buy what you are selling? What is your offer??? Do they even know how to purchase? Have you lowered the risk of purchase (Guarantee, low-entry product, reviews, etc.)

Personalized Message – If you are a small business owner or solo-entrepreneur, who are you? What is special about you and your business? How can you connect in a personalized way with your customer. Let them get close to you through telling them about yourself, your values, your story, whatever makes you unique.

Check out your own website and other marketing items. Look at them through the eyes of your customer. Do they measure up?

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