Twitter Posting Tools you should use

There are two tools that I use for posting to Twitter – and plan on using extensively with my clients as we roll out some new social media strategies.

The first is Timely.is >> http://timely.is

This is a simple tool that links to your Twitter profile and allows you to queue up posts for future dates.

It allows you to post 3,5,7 or 9 times per day.

It allows you to go in and edit any queued up post.

It is simple and effective and a great way to keep your Twitter profile active.

FYI – I don’t recommend setting this up and ignoring your Twitter feed – that is the wrong way to use this tool. Rather set this up with good quality posts, then spend your time engaging your audience (retweeting, replies, and interacting).

The other tool is similar – called Buffer > http://bufferapp.com

This does a similar thing it that it queues up posts in what they call the buffer.

The reason I use this one is that it is an app that is connected to my browser.  And it allows me to very quickly add any website or web link as a post to Twitter, Facebook (both personal and business pages) or even LinkedIn.

I can post the link instantly, or put it in the Buffer for future posting.

I can also edit the post content around the link.

A super tool to make my life simpler and let me share with others all the great links, info and knowledge that I find on the internet.

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