Focus and Dedication key to Success!

While doing research today on a number of topics I had the chance to observe my tweetfeed over a number of hours.

Now I am not what you call a dedicated twitterer. I only use it occasionally and check in only once every couple days. But I installed Twitbin and was at my computer – so had the chance to be more active . . . and observe.

The variety of conversations was interesting and diverse. I say people jump in and out of conversations. Others start 2 or 3 different conversations about different ideas.

Then I noticed two individuals that I have watched over the last few years. Both are very successful in their online careers. And both had started new projects in the last year or two.

What I noticed next was that they both came on and began making tweets. But the conversation was on their project. They had not lost focus, and they were using all their tools – in this case Twitter – as effectively as they could.

Neither of them were making inappropriate offers. In fact, their comments were very interesting.

So what did I learn – reinforced the fact that focus and dedication upon your task is the key to success.

Don’t jump around from idea to idea – keep focused!

By the way – the two online entrepreneurs I am talking about are Guy Kawasaki and Tiffany Dow.

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