Money on the Internet

One of the things I have not done enough of, or maybe not set up a consistent system is using affiliate links.

What are affiliate links?

There are a great number of businesses that operate on the internet.  One of the ways that they get their business is to pay people what is called an affiliate commission.  It is not very much different than when a sales person sells a car, a vacuum cleaner, a magazine subscription – part of that purchase price goes to the sales persons.  Businesses on the internet do the same.

Various businesses that have affiliate programs are Ebay, Amazon, SportCheck, AVG, Dell and many more.

And it is not hard to become an affiliate for these businesses, often it is only a matter of filling out a simple form.

There are also websites that allow you to register and become affiliates of a great many businesses – Commission Junction is one of these.

It all sounds easy – but the hard part is getting people to buy things from your links.  It does not happen very easily.

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