Gmail vs. Constant Contact

So Gmail vs. Constant Contact – I had a good friend ask which they should be using.

It seems they had someone question their use of Gmail in their business.constant-contact-share-logo

They had been told that Gmail was bad and Constant Contact was good. My view is that person did not really know exactly what they were talking about – as they are different tools, although both do use email.

Gmail is simply an online general purpose email program – very robust, VERY secure (if your password is secure) and full of great features.

I checked the CC website just to confirm that they had not changed since I last used them (I have had a few clients used CC).

Constant Contact is an email autoresponder and list management tool. IT does not do general email duties (well not easily – not designed for that).

CC does a great job (better than Gmail) at managing a list of contacts, sending out emails to that list, sending out newsletters, and doing automated email functions.

Since they are different tools, I would say that you could use them both – if needed.

Don’t stop using Gmail and if it serves your purpose, keep using it.

If you need more email automation (sign-ups from your website, regular newsletters or automated emails going out to your list) then CC is a great tool.

Although I would persgmail-logoonally recommend MailChimp for my clients (second choice would be Aweber, third choice Constant Contact – but just my preference).

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