Marketing Idealist

I have tried to find my brand, what to distinguish me, my thoughts, my philosophy on marketing, from other marketing consultants.

I believe this is an ongoing process.jezenert

One term I have use is Marketing Idealist.

People have asked me what that means.

For me that has two meanings.

The first, the most direct meaning is that I create, conjure, construct new marketing ideas.

I have the ability to take your business, your products, your target market, your ideal client, and come up with new and innovative ways to communicate your business.

I am proud of the fact that marketing ideas come to me, that they are good ideas, and that they work when implemented.

The second meaning to Marketing Idealist is more philosophical.

I believe that marketing, good marketing, is about doing good.

It is about solving problems, helping people.

I believe the best marketing is simply the link between a persons problem, need or want, and the product, solution that will fix the problem, fulfill the need or want.

Marketing should not convince anyone to purchase something that will not bring positive results.

Great marketing is all about finding a win-win option.

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