One of those Techy Days again

It was one of those Techy Days again….

Not in a good way.

I have been cleaning up some of the back-end stuff in my business, and one of those things was consolidating some websites on the same hosting server to make it easier to manage and better service.

So I moved a domain that I use primarily for emails.

I have a few of the emails set up up to be also used in my Gmail application.

And that is where things went sideways.

It started yesterday when I knew the old settings in Gmail would no longer work, since I moved the domain, there would be new server settings.

I tried to simply edit the settings in Gmail, but it would not change.

So I deleted the old one in Gmail, thinking I could then enter it new.

Well, that didn’t work.

I decided maybe the domain had not thoroughly propogated across the web, so I would try again in the morning.

This morning…. well nothing worked.

Checked all the Google help files, Googled and read a dozen other ‘fixes’ to no avail.

Checked with my WHM tech support, everything was fine on their end.

So it is some glitch in my Gmail on the PC.

I did end up adding it via mobile Gmail app, in another way.

It will work… but now have to get used to a bit different way of doing things.

Or try again in a few days….

Life of dealing with tech….. 🙁

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