Strategy vs. Tactic

When communicating – it is important that some of the simple words and concepts be understood by all parties.

One area that I strive to get my clients or students to understand is the difference between a strategy vs. a tactic.

A tactic is a single action that a business can do as part of their marketing.  A tactic has no criteria around it.  Thus sending an email is a tactic.  Networking is a tactic. Placing an advertisement in a newspaper is a tactic.

A strategy is more complex.  It is taking a tactic and putting specific criteria around that tactic to make it effective for your business.

Collecting emails from your website and sending them an email about your upcoming product launch is a strategy.

Joining the local chamber of commerce and attending their events to connect and meet with possible B2B clients is a strategy.

Researching the demographics of a newspaper, picking a target demographic, designing a compelling advertisement with a definitive call to action and placing the advertisement in the paper and monitoring the results is a strategy.

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