Be clear in your Message

Whatever you are doing, you are marketing.

I stress this again and again in marketing classes and discussions with clients.Marketing Message


Every action, every email, every conversation, and all the little things all build towards your overall brand. Thus it is all marketing.

A good first step is to look at your message and be sure that you are clear in what you are saying.

What exactly are you saying to your prospects and customers.

A good example is a client of mine – the owner of Pearson’s Berry Farm – Duane is amazing at selling his products.

What makes him amazing is that he has a straight forward message that he believes in strongly.

His products (World Famous Buttertarts, Delicious Fruit Pies, Saskatoon Berry Jam and syrups and more) are delicious, you will love eating them, thus you should buy them.

Duane does not talk about healthy benefits, he doesn’t talk calories, he doesn’t event talk price.  He simply talks about how good his products are and how much you will enjoy them.

The only other price related discussion that I see him use is to package deals together in order to sell more.  Yes he does cut the asking price, but he usually doubles or triples the overall sale amount when putting things together. So overall he is increasing his profits.

Figure out a simple message related to your product and service – and state it over and over and over and over and over!!

FYI – Mine is let me help you market your business better to increase your sales and profits!

ZedBiz Marketing Specialist

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