Creating QR Codes from link shortening services

Came across some interesting tips about creating QR codes today.

You can easily create a QR code and track the link that is connected to the QR code using either goo.gl or bit.ly services.

The goo.gl one is the simplest – just go to www.goo.gl and enter the link that you want to create a QR code for.  Now take the newly created goo.gl link and paste it into your address bar followed by ‘.qr’.  Boom – a QR code is created and displayed.  You can right-click and save it for future use, or copy and paste where needed.

If you prefer to use www.bit.ly – then create a link in bit.ly.  Next click on the info page for that link that you created (you do not have to sign in – it is optional).  On the information page, your QR code will be displayed along with a link that will allow you to insert that QR code in any site.  (just like the example to the left.

Happy QRing . ..  🙂

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