wordpress1WordPress is quickly becoming a standard web creation platform. It was originally a blogging platform. WordPress then added more functionality – the ability to have static pages and full featured menus. This allowed WordPress to be used to create full websites rather than simply a blog.

WordPress is a very stable and efficient website platform. On going updates keep it quite secure, even though there have been many attacks on WordPress sites and the code. As always, good security measures by the WordPress developer will ensure your website security.

WordPress has since added more back end database functionality (custom post types). This has now made WordPress surpass platforms like Joomla and Drupal as a content management platform.

The main attraction to WordPress from a developer and content manager perspective is ease of use. A highly intuitive WYSIWYG editor allows content to be entered painlessly and look good withing the website structure and layout. As well, the variety of themes available, and consistency in design elements makes developers jobs easier.

Programmers and Developers have flocked to WordPress to add new functionality and design through three main areas > Themes (and theme frameworks), Plugins and Widgets within themes and plugins.

Themes control the overall look and design of a WordPress site. They set the structure, and the control all the design elements.

wordpress2Plugins offer extra functionality to a WordPress website. From adding forms and email signup to ensuring the site is optimized for the search engines, and even controlling Spam – many key functions can be enhanced with WordPress plugins.

Widgets are built into the core WordPress system as well as into many themes and plugins. This allows the site administrator to control where key elements of the website will appear on the site.

WordPress continues to evolve – another rendition is expected soon. Increased user-friendliness is a primary concern in new editions as well as enhancing security.

If you are planning a new website or redoing your old website – I highly recommend using WordPress as your platform.

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