Basics of Marketing

Many people I talk to struggle with the concept of marketing.

They understand many of the different strategies included within marketing – such as advertising, creating a website, building customer relationships, but they don’t know how this all intertwines into a marketing plan.

Let’s start off with a very simple marketing definition:

‘Marketing is EVERYTHING related to (that affects) the sale and transfer of Your Product to Your Client

. . and remember

The Customer Experience is EVERYTHING!

Let’s delve a little deeper into the Customer Experience.

First – what do we mean by Customer Satisfaction?

The first criteria is did our product or service meet their basic needs. This is the lowest requirement to get in the game.

Next – did our product or service meet their wants, their desires? Did it put a smile on their face? Did it trigger some kind of positive emotion?

Another key to customer satisfaction is to meet their expectations. I should say meet or exceed their expectations.

Now that we are beginning to look at wants, at customer expecations, we need to start examining the customer – and there perception of value.

This all builds into the Customer Experience.

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