Couple Social Media Concepts

Two quick ideas related to Social Media that I want to talk about today.

First is the concept of ‘Likes’ – in particular Facebook Page Likes.

You see all the advertisements to get more likes, get 10,000 likes, how I got 5000 likes, etc.

Many people judge a businesses Facebook page by the number of Likes.

Well – my question is does every business want to be Walmart??

Walmart needs lots and lots of people – since they are a LOW-Cost provider.

Do you want to be a LOW-Cost provider.

Think of other Low-Cost providers – Mcdonalds, SuperStore, etc.

If that is your business concept – then go for the ‘lotsa Likes’ strategy.

But I challenge my clients to go for targeted Likes. Get Likes from potential and existing clients.

Gather the right Facebook Page fans and you will have better success with your social media marketing.

Second concept is about using your personal Facebook account for your business.

I do tell my clients that they should have a Facebook Business Page for their business and use that for all business promotion. At the same time, many people use their personal page for sharing (respectfully) business ideas. That is one of the nice things about Social Media – it merges personal and business – just like real business relationships do (people do business with people they like and trust – not just the business).

But if you are using your personal account for promoting things DO NOT duplicate posting the same things on your business page. The proper way to do this is to post the item to your business page – then if you want your personal friends to get that message as well – then share it on your wall.

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