Print Advertising – Is It Dead?

I was in Canadian Tire yesterday, talking with a great girl who was doing product demos.

She had a great personality, really into her job.

She knew the product very well, and even helped me find what I was looking for at Canadian Tire.

I was very impressed.

As we talked more… she mentioned she had taken Advertising in school, but she stated, “Advertising is pretty much dead, no one uses newspapers anymore.”

Hmmmmm, that got me thinking….

Is print advertising dead?marketing-ads

While I don’t necessarily recommend print advertising to many of my clients, as I feel there is more economical and efficient methods for them to get their message to their target market, I do not feel that print advertising is dead yet.

Print advertising has changed a lot. Less people read the local newspapers. Digital has taken a big chunk of viewers away from print advertising.

You need to use it effectively, and have a good plan to make it work for you.

It is a slower return on your marketing investment.

I believe that if your target market is part of the demographic that continues to rely on the newspaper, then it can be a part of your marketing strategy, a very effective part.

Tammy from FearlessInk Communications states, “I think if a client is going to use their resources on print advertising it has to be very publication and stakeholder focused.  Very targeted.”

I totally agree, the right publication for your business. Your target market must be reading that publication on a continual basis.

A couple last thoughts, keep it simple, yet creative. Find a way to track your results. And keep your message very clear and to the point, have an actionable message.

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