Communication Problems in Business

The one problem area in communication that still gives me the heebie jeebies is email.
I use it every day – tons!!!

But . ..
it is so easy to make a mistake, say the wrong thing, convey the wrong meaning.

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The problem is there is not tonality – you can’t hear inflection that defines so much meaning in what people say.  Sure we can add those little variations of smiley faces – but do they really do the job.

I see it in my coworkers as well – some jump in with both feet, let the water droplets land where they may – getting everyone wet!

And they often end up all wet themselves.

But sometimes they come through communicating crystal clean.

Others cautiously stick only a toe in – seeking the security of not getting wet – thinking that way they will be safe.

Either way – not sure which is best.

My bad habit is to be too straight forward – I speak my mind too much in a direct way.   Not nearly enough ‘may i’ and ‘please’ and too much ‘how about we try this’.

But hey – I am like that in real life.  Just gotta tone it down a bit – mind my pints and quarts (wouldn’t want to spill a drop of that stuff – lol) and be a little more considerate to those whose mind does not travel at warp speed.  Not that mine does – it just jumps from idea to idea – maybe ‘warped’ is a better analogy.

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