Busy is the Biggest Reason Marketing is HARD

The busier you get in your business…..

The more your marketing suffers.

IF you are busy with fixing problems, dealing with clients, sourcing new suppliers, installing new systems and software….

Then who has time for marketing.

Cuz marketing…. well…it’s unique.

It is the thing that really drives your business, gets you sales.

But it also is the thing that takes a back seat.

And it takes a different way of thinking.

Creativity… in a unique way. As you have to think differently to do GREAT marketing.

You need to put yourself in the shoes and mind of your customer.

I say shoes and mind, cuz most advice is about the MIND of your customer. An Avatar, target market, knowing what they thing and want.

But that is NOT enough.

It is the SHOES of the client that determines which way they are walking.

Cuz…. get this… just like you are busy… so are they.

And the shoes tell you what direction they are going and how busy they are.

So… think about that next time you have a second… or a minute or two… to plan your marketing!

And… DO NOT put marketing on the back burner.  You need to make time for marketing all the time. It is the reason your business will survive the long term.


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