A definite MUST READ!

I just passed on a list of blogs that are either funny, interesting or informative.  Great to look over and see what you like.

I can’t tell you what to read.  To each his own.  Depending on the content, the writing style, etc, you will find what you like to read.

But I urge you to try to find a good source of information that you can follow on an ongoing basis.  This will give you greater insight into the words, the hidden meanings, the references to past posts.

You will get a much greater experience by finding the blogs you like, and checking them on a regular basis.

And do this not only for business, but also for pleasure!

One that I have just started to read – actually because he just started to write it in the last month is John Delavera’s Blog.

I like his style, his deep thinking, the fact he is not scared to let people know what he thinks, how his mind works, and what his convictions are.

I am a member of his membership site.  I feel it is one of the highest quality sites on the net.

But his blog is not simply an advertisement for his membership site, or his products (of which there are many – both ebooks and software).

No – his blog is more about his own personal revelations, and how they relate to business, and what drives him. Also he enjoys rambling about what is happening in the Internet Marketing world, and how it can relate to his business plan and yours.

He does give good advice on business, on creativity, and on driving for success!

So do check it out – http://www.johndelavera.com/blog/


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