Building Business Relationships

Mastering the Art of Relationships.

Face it – Business is all about Relationships!

You do not do business in a vacuum.  You have clients and customers – your life blood of your business. You also have employees, co-workers, maybe a boss, business partners, shareholders, joint venture partners, business associates, referral sources, suppliers, vendors.  The list goes on and on.

So the true ‘Art of Business’ is the ‘Art of Relationships’.  It is one reason why there are more and more successful women in business (not knocking the men here).  Women just have a knack for developing strong relationships.  Men are driven to get the job done, while women build networks of friends and associates that can get it done for them.

So if business is all about relationships – then why – if you open 99% of business books today, do they not talk about relationships; how to build them and nurture them.  Instead they discuss time management, sales strategy, financial tracking, system analysis, etc.

If you really want to succeed in business – then find a book about relationships.  Learn how to work with people, get people to trust you, how to create real friendships.

That will drive your success!

I have heard it said that 90% of a person’s success in business relates directly to how happy they are in their personal relationships.  I believe this is true to some extent.  But the reason behind it – that is the secret – not that they have a good personal relationship.

If you are happy in your personal relationship – then you have mastered – at least on your personal level -  the art of building and nurturing relationships.  And then you can transfer these skills directly over to your business life.  This will then corresponds to your level of success in business.

Let me be clear – it is not about contacts.  Just having someone’s business card does not mean you have built a relationship.  You have to take it a step further.

You must make a connection – that is the start.  And in today’s busy world that can by tough.  It can start with an email, but really a phone call is better.  In today’s busy world the phone is getting used less and less for business (and more and more for friends to chat endlessly – but that is another topic).

Learn to make short, but positive impact phone calls.  Know what your message is before you dial.  Have a question; invite them to a networking or other business event; have an irresistible offer for them.  Give them the facts; be courteous, opening the door to building a relationship.

Email can be a great follow up to a phone call.  But don’t make it your only contact.  It is too impersonal, and too easy to ignore.

And don’t forget those relationships right in your own business, your coworkers, employees, vendors, etc.  The ones you see day to day.  You must continually work on them, building the relationship.  You cannot tune them out, assuming they will always be there, and nothing changes in your life.  Keep ‘getting in touch’ with these people – really making a connection on a regular basis.

The art of relationships can be a tough one.  And in today’s fast paced society, it seems to have gone by the wayside.  Begin today to learn it again.  Practice the techniques, master the ‘Art of Relationships’!

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