Business Cards can be a great Sales Tool

How To Use Your Business Cards To Shoot Your Sales Through The Roof!

Do you do what the vast majority of people who buy business cards do?

Many people give them out to friends and family or post them on a few bulletin boards and hope for the business to come rolling in?

How about the strategy of putting them on tables at restaurants (yes business card spamming is alive and well, although I don’t recommend it).

Another technique is at trade shows is every vendor tossing business cards to anyone that comes within a few feet of their booth. I guess they heard about the old network marketing 3-foot rule!

Okay enough of that!

Wait! I’ll admit there are some business’s, biz opps for example, that have a huge potential market and some of those strategies could work. But for most businesses it’s just a waste of a good business card.

And that’s unfortunate, because your business card can be powerful and effective direct marketing tools…

So in direct marketing you don’t pass them all around and hope for the best.

What you do is:

  1. Find people that would be interested in your offering (a prospect in marketing speak).
  2. Talk with them and see if they really are interested in your business.
  3. Then give them your business card, and point out some of the benefits that your business provides. You can highlight or write them on the card.
  4. Now your job is to follow-up with them and ask the right questions to help them understand why it is in their best interest (if you really believe it is BTW) to become your client.

(So you have someone interested in your product or service and they ave a way to get in touch with you. Let them know that you’ll follow-up with them and…)

Sure it’s easier said than done. Hey most things are.

But, it’s a simple business cards marketing formula and will work wonders with virtually any business

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