Is Marketing Important?

Do you think marketing is important?marketing

When I ask my boys about marketing – they have negative thoughts as they think of mass advertising like annoying TV commercials, ugly billboards or never-ending radio ads.

But advertising is just one small (although important) part of marketing.

Before I go in to my personal thoughts on how all-encompassing marketing is for everyone (and yes I mean everyone), I would like some feedback on your opinion.

But first, before you throw out your first negative instinct related to bad ads or pushy salespeople – let me remind you of a few other facets of marketing:

  • customer service is a key aspect of marketing
  • product research that gives you the latest product advances is part of marketing
  • look around you right now – the latest trends, the colors, the designs that make up our life – are all part of marketing
  • resumes and job interviews are ‘personal career’ marketing
  • even dating and romancing is a form of marketing

So comment below, or head over to my business Facebook Page (like it while your there) and give me some feedback on your thoughts about marketing.


1 thought on “Is Marketing Important?”

  1. The reality is no service or product, nothing gets sold or bought, without marketing. We may think of marketing as good of bad or annoying or not even recognize what marketing is but marketing is ever present.

    I found if I don’t mention the word: marketing, most people are OK with “marketing”, at least that is my experience.

    Just my 2 cents worth 🙂


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