Facebook as a marketing tool

You hear it all over the web, at networking events, even in the local coffee shop.  Facebook is being called the new frontier for marketing.  Get on Facebook – it is where your customers are.  And best of all – its FREE!

Facebook can be a useful marketing tool, I am not denying that.  But it is becoming harder for businesses to use this tool, and even harder for people to promote and find new customers using their personal profiles.

Facebook controls what everyone sees on the ‘Wall’ – that area where the updates come from all your friends and business pages you have liked.  Many don’t know it but you only get a small fraction of the activities that you possibly could be shown.  Even less if you are using the ‘Highlighted Stories First’ option which Facebook offers people via default.

Therefore if you are putting out any kind of marketing related message – it is only going to a very few people.  Therefore the likelihood of new people seeing your message is very low.

Facebook can be used very effectively to connect with existing customers and to prospects that you already know.  It is also an excellent research tool if your target market is active on Facebook.

But as a new lead acquisition tool – it has lots most of it’s power.  If your trying to build up your customer base and need to find brand new prospects – I would find a new strategy other than Facebook.

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