Facebook as a marketing tool

You hear it all over the web, at networking events, even in the local coffee shop.  Facebook is being called the new frontier for marketing.  Get on Facebook – it is where your customers are.  And best of all – its FREE! Facebook can be a useful marketing tool, I am not denying that.  But it is becoming harder for businesses to use this tool, and even harder for people to promote and find new customers using their personal profiles. Facebook controls what everyone sees on the ‘Wall’ – that area where the updates come from all your friends and business pages you have […]

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Facebook EdgeRank determines what is on the Wall

Facebook shows updates and other activities from your friends (personal accounts) or your fans (business pages) on the Wall.  These various items can include new fans or friends.  It can include posting of a new update, picture or video, or sharing a link.  It also includes the commenting activity of friends and fans. For most users it is not realistic that all activity of either friends or fans be displayed on the Facebook Wall. Therefore, Facebook has designed a process to show each user the optimum updates on their unique wall.  The process that regulates what you see on the wall is called EdgeRank. 

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EvolveSSX Website

If you have a minute – check out the EvolveSSX website.  I just put it up today.  It is a WordPress site that includes the front page as a blog showing the latest posts – and two menus featuring static content about the various programs and activities of the Evolve Ski and Snowboard Cross Club. The head coaches (one each for ski and snowboarding) wanted a site that they could easily update with limited tech knowledge.  They also wanted the social aspect of the blog on the main page.  I set them both up as editors in the WordPress user admin area – therefore

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High Impact Conversatons on Social Media

Last post I stressed the importance of making deeper connections when using social media.  You want it to be a personal experience where you build caring relationships. But you also want social media to go beyond just ‘friendship’. The way to do that is through using high impact questions and follow up replies.  This will build a high impact conversation that will attract other similar minded individuals who can and will be excellent potential clients. High impact questions are questions that go beyond the weather, sports, or the latest celebrity embarrassment (we all remember Shania at the Country Music Awards). Ask people questions that

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