Art of Innovation – Guy Kawasaki

Last week was at a conference where the Keynote speaker was Guy kawasaki.  He had an excellent discussion on 10 truths on the art of  innovation.

1- Make meaning!  Set out to change the world! The companies that want to make meaning have a better chance of succeeding.  The companies that want to make money fail as they attract the wrong people.

You have to want to make the world a better place!

2 – Make a mantra (not a mission statement – too complex).  By having a 3-4 word mantra – you can inspire your staff and keep them all working together.

3 – Jump to the next curve.  Break out of the box.  Don’t make things 10% better – make things 10 times better

True innovation occurs when you jump to the next curve rather than compete with others on the same curve

4 – Roll the DICEE.  DICEE equals 5 qualites that define great innovation.
Depth – lotsa features
Intelligent – great solution to a real problem
Complete – definition of your product is the totallity of the experience
Elegant – beautiful
Emotive – generate strong emotions
– people love or hate them

5 Don’t Worry – Be Crappy! Don’t wait for perfection, instead get it out there.  Ship first and then test and improve.

6. Polarize People! If people to hate you or your product, it will also mean that other people will love your product and be passionate about it.

If you try to make everybody happy – you will be mediocre – and not successful.

7 – Let 100 Flowers Blossom!  Let your ideas go where they go.  Let people (your customers) use and buy your products the way they want.

8 – Churn baby, Churn!  Keep going once you got something that is working.  Make it better and release again. Create 1.0 – then go to 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, then 2.0, etc

9 – Niche Thyself! When looking at a graph  of Unique vs. Value you find four key areas.  The bottom right is where companies compete on price.  The top left very unique products and ideas – but no real value. The  bottom left where you have low value and nothing unique is simply stupid and dumb!

Where you want to be is the upper right – it is the Best Corner.  You have huge value and a unigue product.  History made when you get to this corner of the graph.

How to get to the top right corner? FOCUS and Specialize!

10 – Follow the 10 – 20 – 30 rule of pitching, whether it be for money, people, or anything else.  Only use 10 slides; use 20 minutes to explain your topic; and use 30 point font – it is the ultimate size.

Guy and Me!
Guy and Me!

11 – (BONUS) Don’t let the Bozos grind you down (Guy says he is an expert in Bozocity).

There are two kinds of bozos.  The first is disgusting, ugly and a losers.  The bozos is easy to recognize – and not as dangerous as the second kind.

The Dangerous Bozo – is successful, rich, drives a nice car, wears nice clothes.  He is hard to spot.

The big problem with rich bozos is that people think they are smart.  But it is not always so – they just may be lucky.  And their advice can be exactly the opposite of what you need to hear!

Great Job Guy Kawasaki!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing points from the seminar you attended! Great to meet you at the CAMA meeting – thanks for organizing! Look forward to following your blog. Cheers

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