Business Logo Tips from Amber Cockwill

Amber Cockwill posted this on Facebook and it was such great advice I needed to re-post here!

Design/Business Logo Tips – When having a logo created be sure of the following:

1) The logo needs to work both horizontally AND vertically. This will likely mean that you will end up with 2 versions of your final logo.

2) Your logo needs to be legible when scaled down to 1″. Often time small versions are required in small ad spaces; think paper Ads etc.amber-logo

3) If your logo has a graphic (not just text based) and that graphic were to be used as a stand-a-lone element would people associate that to your business. Ask “Is my graphic to simple/generic?” or “Is my graphic to outlandish/weird?”. Your brand is important and needs to reflect your business appropriately!

4) Your logo should not be a rainbow. No more than a couple colours.

5) When your logo is done you should be provided with ALL the working files and not just a .jpeg or .png. You should get a copy of any special fonts that were used and an .aI or equivalent vector file of the logo. Ideally you will end up with a .png, .pdf, .ai + font files.

6) Your brand is important! Take the time to make sure it properly reflects your business. Step back and look at it from a consumer p.o.v and not a personal one. Many times what a business owner likes personally is not what the end-user/consumer resonates with; find the common ground.

One thing I would clarify – Amber mentioned that any ‘special fonts’ should be included.  I would also add that all fonts, even simple ones be included or at least recorded as it is at times hard to identify even a common font to get an exact match years later.

Also – with your logo – keep it simple!!

Thanks Amber!!

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